Christmas 2016

This Christmas, I’ll be writing four different blog posts, each with a special message centered on this advent season. There will be two “Wednesday Wisdom” posts, which can be found under the “December 2016” tab under “Wednesday Wisdom.” The two “Sunday Series” messages can be found under this tab. Messages are as follows:

Wednesday, Dec. 14: Fixing Our Eyes on Jesus–How do we slow down this Christmas season to worship and exalt Christ?
Sunday, Dec. 18: The Birth of Christ–What can we learn about God and ourselves from the story of Christ’s birth?
Wednesday, Dec. 21: Share Hope–We need to remember to make much of Jesus this holiday season and find ways to share our hope in Him with others.
Sunday, Dec. 25: The Importance of the Incarnation–How does the coming of Christ impact the entire universe and our lives?