Share Hope

Christmas can be a joyous time for many, but so many people are hurting this Christmas. From families who have lost loved ones, to families ripped apart by sin or absentee parents, to those who have suffered unthinkable tragedy around the holidays, not everyone sees this time as the most wonderful time of the year.

I recently wrote a story on a family who lost almost everything a week before Christmas. Fortunately, some of the toys for the child were saved, but clothes, food, furniture, etc…all gone due to some freak weather that came in Saturday night, a lightning storm in the middle of winter.

So as Christians what can we do?

We can:

  1. Meet needs. Give of your time and your money. Whether it’s giving to the Salvation Army or another charity, or simply going out on the streets and talking to people. As someone who’s living in a new city, I can’t stress how much a simple conversation, whether it be about sports or even the weather, means to someone in need of friendship.
  2. Pray. Spend time in prayer for others. Pray with others. There’s no bad time to pray, and this time of year, it is just as much, if not more needed than any other time.
  3. Share the gospel. Tell people who Jesus is and why we have hope in Him. Tell people why we have joy this season, and why it’s not because of all the presents we’re receiving, but because of Jesus.

It’s easy to turn inward during the holiday season, as we look forward to being with family and friends, and receiving presents…we forget that others are not as fortunate, and forget how many people don’t know Jesus and don’t have hope this holiday season.

Lord, may we share hope this season. May we love others. May we seek to be outward and not just inward. May we glorify you by thinking of others before ourselves.

God bless,

Neal E.