Christ, Our Sure and Great Defense

I’m certainly not a poet, but I find it helpful to challenge myself to write in different forms and styles. The following is my second, humble attempt at poetry that glorifies our Savior.

Weary I come
Stained by sin
Afraid to draw near
To confess yet again

What defense do I have?
No righteousness of my own
No amount of good works
Can bring me back home

I look to the one hill
Where sure help I’ll find
In the eyes of my Savior
In Him I can hide

Perfect righteousness
Perfect sacrifice
My sins become yours
And I become thine

Your promises stand
Your promises last
You’ll finish what you started
So I will hold fast

Christ, our defense
Able to save and able to change
And in you, our Savior
We endure Satan’s rage

His accusations they come
Condemnation, he cries
We cry back shouting
“Christ Jesus has died!”

More than that, He’s been raised
So away with your lies
There’s no condemnation
In Christ, I’m alive.


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