Never Without Hope

I get this horrible thought that God is so annoyed with my inconsistencies that He’s given up on me ever being the man I’m called to be.

I can’t put into words how awful a feeling that is. Not to mention how it drives me away from God and not to Him. I’ve somehow forgotten that God is my Father, not through works, but because I’ve put my faith in Christ for forgiveness and I’ve trusted in Him to be perfect for me.

And yet I’m not without hope. Ever. Why? Because Jesus lives. Because I still believe and have the privilege of trusting in His atonement for all my sin. Because I can repent and daily, newly, trust the gospel.

I long to be rid of the idols of this world. I hate getting distracted by the things around me. I’ll be spending a lot of time this summer on a mountain by myself. Not because that makes me holy. But because I long for the one who alone is Holy.

God isn’t finished with me yet. Philippians 1:6 is my favorite verse in the Bible (and soon may overtake Philippians 4:11 as the name of this blog) for a reason.

Struggling Christian (including myself), listen. Listen to Philippians 1:6–God does not give up. Ever. That’s not love. Will He who once drew us in with love and forgiveness and the hope of new life, a changed life, then give up on us because we don’t mature in the time it takes to snap a finger? By no means!!

However, we are not without obligation.
Seek Him.

May we draw in close to Him. May we trust in Him and His work, our ever-present, ever-sure and only hope. May we repent quickly, learn and love Jesus. May we grasp that we are incapable of changing ourselves or anyone around us. And because of that, may we throw ourselves on the God of mercy and grace. May we never trust ourselves, but always trust Christ.

Love you guys. God bless,

Neal E


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