No Other Sacrifice–My Feeble Attempt at Songwriting

I’ve been wanting to get these thoughts in my head out in some other form, and so I tried my hand at songwriting. If any legitimate musicians want to put music to the words, that’d be fantastic, and there may be a chance for a small stipend if you want. I already have some idea on how I want it to sound, but I’m all ears for different opinions. Contact me if interested. Here are the lyrics. The song is called No Other Sacrifice.

Verse 1:

O Lord my God, the old tune sings

How great thou Art, how great a King

But now I find, as I bow my head

The struggle to believe again

Verse 2:

I look back, four years ago

At the boy who was, now the man who’s grown

Change has come, though hard to see

O good God, what’s different about me?


It’s you, My God! Nailed to the cross,

The one, who paid, my debt, it’s gone!

My Savior, is Jesus, He will always be

The one, the only,

Sacrifice for me

Verse 3:

I look back on my time here

All the nights spent in tears

At my sin, with all my fears

O good God, will you still love me?

I stray so far, it’s hard to see

O good God, what’s different about me?



All my sin, all my shame

You take it all and change my name

My hope then, my hope now

Is that Your grace still abounds


Random Shout of Praise (I don’t know what to call this section of the song…)

All I have is Christ! O all I have is Christ!

O Lord, You are my delight

I need to grow and be like You

Be my Lord and see me through



Chorus (2X)

So yeah, there you go. That’s my attempt at writing a song about Jesus. I did one before but it never panned out. If nothing else, I have something else to sing in the shower. Let me know if any of you, my faithful readers, wants to work on putting (good) music to these hopefully good words. May it all be for God’s glory as He continues to work in and through me.

God bless,

Neal E.


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